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Winter Accessories

Winter accessories includes hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, shawls, earmuffs, headbands and even sunglasses. All these items come in an incrediable range of colours, fabrics, textures, and styles. The choice is just about unlimited so it will depend on your budget and what you like the best.

My theory about dark colours...

Wearing dark-coloured winter coats has been a winter fashion tradition for years as well as generations. For practical purposes, yes, dark colours do show less wear and tear but really, winter can be gloomy enough without adding to it by wearing dark and in my opinion, depressing colours.

Sure, dark colours may hide the dirt a little better generally. However, the thing about dark colours in winter, you'll find that the white residue left from wading through salt-treated snow will show up on the bottom of your trousers, pants and coats anyway. And it will show up in stark contrast too.

Way too many dark colours are worn in winter in my opinion. The weather can be so dreary for days or weeks on end so adding some vibrant colour to your winter wardrobe goes along way to making you feel better.

My theory about wearing bright colours...

Me? I'm not a fan of dark colours in any clothing I wear - especially in winter. I love to wear bright colours all-year round! My personal colour therapy theory is that if you can buy a winter coat that has a different brighter colour other than solid black, brown or grey then that is THE thing to do for yourself.

Be different! Here is your big chance to jazz up your winter wardrobe with adding a multitude of colourful winter scarves, shawls and hats.

The next best thing...

Now if you just love your dark winter coat and can't give it up then just accessorize it with brightly coloured scarves, shawls and hats instead.

Basic winter accessories

Your list will include:

For a moderate cost each, you can have quite a few hats, scarves, headbands and gloves. This allows you to mix and match to create a whole new look to go with your winter coats and jackets.

My winter accessories...

I have to confess something.... I can't walk past an interesting hat without trying it's a weakness! My hat collection includes quite a few shaped hats, a few custom made mad hatter-shaped hats as well pull-on caps and cloches too. Plus a few unflattering winter work hats with ear flaps for wearing in heavy duty winter weather. Then I have an endless number of scarves, pashimas and shawls that I interchange with all my coats and jackets - all very bright naturally!

Buying your winter accessories

When you are buying any winter clothing accessory, ask yourself:

  • Why am I buying it? Is it for general use like going to work, shopping or for a special sport or specific use?
  • Will suit the kind of winter weather where I live?
  • Can it easily be cleaned or repaired?
  • What's my budget per item?
  • How long do I want the item to last?
  • Do I like it enough to wear for a few winter seasons?
  • How to I care for it e.g. washing versus dry-cleaning?

Winter Accessories Guide

Here's some help in deciding what you need for winter clothing accessories for you and your family.


Scarves comes in a huge range of styles, fabrics, textures and patterns. It's your choice and can be a hard one to decide!

Shawls and Wraps

Cashmere, wool shawls and wraps come in not only in larger sizes but offer a wide range of patterns, colours, styles and textures too. Perfect to add to a formal evening outfit or as an extra layer of warmth with your winter coat.

Gloves and Mittens

Gloves have to be functional and warm as they are a very necessary part of everyday winter life. Mittens will keep your fingers really warm so they are good for sports like downhill skiing but not that useful for everyday winter life.

Earmuffs and Headbands

You might not want to wear a tight-fitting hat that gives you "hat hair". Instead, you can wear either earmuffs or a headband as an alternative.


No matter what, you need sunglasses for winter too as the reflection from bright winter days as well as the snow's reflection can be damaging.

Caring for your winter clothing accessories

Looking after all your winter accessories with care and attention will make them last longer and everyone wants their money's worth after all.

Neck Warmers, Facemasks and Balaclavas

Being outside in very cold temperatures for an extended time like skiing, skating, snowboarding, you'll need some extra winter gear to keep the cold at bay and prevent frostbite.

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