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Winter safety

Thinking about winter safety covers a lot of "ground" so to speak. There's everything to do with:

  • Inside your house (smoke detectors, fire alarm, carbon monoxide detectors)
  • Outside of your house (icy walkway and driveways, falling trees, snow damage, ice dams)
  • The property on which your house sits and any city land adjacent to your land that may have an impact (storm drain or fire hydrant).

Then there's personal winter safety for you and your family to consider such as:

  • How do you walk safely in winter 
  • How to shovel snow safely in winter 
  • How to keep children and pets away from open water during winter.

Winter fire safety

Keeping you and your family safe inside your home means having your fire prevention system up to date and in place in case of emergency.

Indoor home safety

Making sure that your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are working properly is key for winter home safety for you and your family.

Winter outdoor safety

Preventing winter mishaps like broken tree branches damaging your house or vehicle as well as dealing with icy sidewalks and driveways are essential parts of outdoor house safety in winter.

Winter outdoor property safety - part 1

Dealing with other elements on or near your property like public sidewalks, gas meters and your mail box also need constant attention during winter.

Winter outdoor property safety - part 2

There are other elements on or near your property that will be affected by the winter weather like where the garbage and recycling bins are located and how are they going to be collected.

Snow shovelling safety

Learning how to shovel snow properly and safely using the right tools for limited time periods will help prevent you from getting hurt.

Winter walking safety

Walking in winter is a healthy thing to do but it can also be dangerous too so having the right footwear, being aware of the street conditions and watching out for any obstacles is important.

Water safety for kids and pets

Keeping your children and pets safe from falling into open water is job one for parents, grandparents and guardians.

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