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Winter Home Comfort

Winter home comfort includes a variety of things to keep you and your family very comfortable throughout the winter months. You may have to buy a range of different items but once purchased, you'll get good mileage out of them for several seasons. How you do this is by keeping things clean or in good repair as well as doing proper and regular maintenance on your house. If you do even the basics, things will last that much longer... and be easier on your budget too.

Being comfortable includes both the interior spaces as well as the building envelope of your home. I'll cover the latter in another section of this website. For now though, enhancing your indoor space with a few modest additions in strategic places can have quite an impact. Not only in increasing your comfort levels but also quite likely to have an effect on your heating bills as well - hopefully reduced or at least, made more efficient.

House comfort

Maintaining good indoor air quality and using a thermostatic control to keep a comfortable temperature inside your house throughout the winter is very important for the overall health of your family.

Home comfort

Reducing drafts and air leaks inside your house is the No. 1 goal in winter. There are several inexpensive ways to help you achieve that goal like adding insulated curtains and using a temporary window plastic seal for your windows.


Front, side and back entrances are important to help confine snow and ice to these immediate areas as well as a place to leave winter coats and boots.


After a nice warm shower or bath, there are other things you can do to keep the bathroom toasty and warm like adding heated flooring and heated towel racks.


Soft furnishings like comfy warm flannel sheets and sleep wear, quilts, blankets, duvets and a heated electric blanket on your bed  - all add more comfort to your winter living.

Air-cleaning houseplants

To help improve the air quality in your home during winter, there are specific indoor houseplants you can buy that will help eliminate common air pollutants that make us feel less than healthy.

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