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Are you new to winter living?

Winter living takes some getting use to. I know it took me a while to adjust to the snow, ice and cold temperatures; several winter seasons in fact but it can be done and makes for an interesting journey!

If you are new to living in a cold country, you might not know what to do to become "winterized". 

Maybe you have emigrated from a warm country (like me) and have now landed somewhere in Canada or in the snowy parts of the U.S. You've been told it gets cold, there's lots of snow but you're still not sure of what to expect about winter living.

Perhaps you are not that sure of how to winterize? 

In fact, what does that term even mean?

Or when to winterize?

Or even what to winterize?

Or, maybe you've lived here for a while but you might be looking for some extra winter living tips or strategies on how to better cope with every day winter challenges?

I know because I needed help when I first arrived here. Getting winter orientated and developing winter smarts and winter know-how took a winter season or three to get my bearings.

Now, I want to pass on what I've learned so welcome to the Winter Living Advisor. This website has lots of information on:

  • How to better cope with winter living
  • Preparing for everyday winter challenges
  • Staying safe and comfortable and...
  • Enjoying the winter season!

My goal is to provide tips, strategies, solutions, advice and just basic information on how to get the most out of your winter season in all its shapes and sizes.

Why be winter ready?

Because it affects everything; how you drive your car, how you walk in winter, how to keep the cold out of your house, increasing your home comfort, how you keep safe and healthy, how you keep warm and wear the right kind of winter clothes, how to winterize your pool (if you have one), being winter-smart about your dog or cat! The list goes on...

That's just a broad sweep of what life in winter is all about. Keep in mind this is something that's going to happen every year - ready or not!

What kind of winter preparation you need to do to be ready for winter can vary quite a lot. Firstly, it depends on the type of winter weather conditions that are normally expected in the area where you live. Then there are the effects of El Nino and El Nina plus other weather influences and factors that may occasionally come into play - all have a bearing on the winter weather.

How much or how little you do to be winter prepared is up to you of course. Some years there might be more to do than others. But guaranteed, there will always be a list of necessary things to do depending on your circumstances and where you live.

Preparing for winter

If you've arrived in spring or summer, it won't be long before you start hearing new terms like "winterizing" or "winter-ready". What does it mean? Well it's all to do with how you prepare for the winter. There are lots of aspects to 'winterizing' your life.

Enjoying the winter

Even though getting ready for winter living can be hard work, there are lots of things to enjoy about the winter season too. Just the simple fact of coming indoors after a visit outside... stamping your feet, hanging up your coat, shaking the snow from your hat and scarf, slipping into comfortable slippers .... and finding your home warm, cosy and welcoming. There are lots of other things to do, to catch up on and to explore over the winter months so why not enjoy the winter!

Newly arrived ...or not!

Whether you've been living here for a while or you've just arrived from another country, there are solutions, recommendations and fyi (for your information) on everyday winter living challenges you are likely to encounter. Since I've experienced many winter seasons now, I want to share my knowledge with you so your transition will be easier. You'll be adapting to a cold winter climate in no time at all. The winter season ranges from being fun to not so much fun but it's always interesting, can be quite exciting (for a variety of reasons) and never boring! 

I'll be adding more great information for you over time...but let's start our journey together and discover the best winter tips and strategies for you and your family.

My first day here...

Setting off to see the world, I emigrated from a nice, warm country (Australia!). Wanting to experience my first white Christmas ever, I arrived just before the 25th of December. No hat, gloves, scarf, coat or boots to keep me warm after I stepped off of the plane either.

Holy guacamole!

Minus 15 Celsius (5F) and three feet of snow!!

More holy guacamole!

I obviously had lots to learn about living in a cold, snowy country to say the least; this was just my first day of my first winter here in Eastern Canada!

Oh my, what did I let myself in for....but it's been home now for many years and winter is really a special part of the year. Here's the rest of my story if you want to read more about my first week of winter in Canada.