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Winter hats for men

Winter hats for men range from being purely functional and utilitarian to fashionable. Choosing a winter hat depends on what you are going to use it for. Other factors that might influence you when you buy a hat includes style and type, material and cost. Given the incredible range to choose from, there are hats to suit any or all of your winter activities.

Winter hats for men tend to be more functional and must fulfill the purpose for which it was bought. Besides that, the hat has be warm and weatherproof. The hat also has to keep your ears warm, be durable, somewhat tolerable to wear and suit you for the most part. Being fashionable is probably not high on the list for most men although it's possible! The hat just has to fulfill the "why" of why it was bought in the first place.

Hat styles

There's endless variety of style, shape, material, and sizes to choose from too. Here's just a partial listing if what you'll find when you start looking.

  • Fitted beanie caps
  • Loose beanie caps
  • Bucket caps
  • Plain and striped wool caps, hats and berets
  • Newspaper hats
  • Ball caps
  • Russian fur hats
  • Cadet caps
  • Fedoras
  • Work caps
  • Furry winter hats
  • Seaman's hat
  • Tweed hats
  • Buffalo hunter's plaid hat
  • Sherpa hats
  • Trapper, trooper and aviator hats
  • Leather hats and caps
  • Knitted hats and caps

What kind of winter where you live is...?

Where you live will certainly influence what you need to buy for the right type of winter hat. Keep this in mind when not only buying a hat but any winter clothing for that matter.

Winter varies from mild rainy winters to full blown snowy and below freezing temperatures all across North America. Fur and really cold temperatures go very well together although this may not appeal to a lot of people, both men and women. In Eastern Canada, where minus temperatures can be brutal dipping to the minus twenties or beyond for days or sometimes weeks at a time, this is a good choice to have the maximum warmth possible.

However, in more rainy, damp winter climates or climates with occasional snowfalls, more waterproof options such as leather, vinyl, oilskin or waxed materials with brims are better to handle the winter cold.

Decisions, decisions

There are some key questions you need to ask yourself before you go off on your hat buying expedition.

What is the hat for?

e.g Everyday use like going to the office? Shovelling snow? Outdoor sports? Are you an outdoor worker? Do you take walks outside for extended periods of time?

How many hats will I need?

e.g. Will one hat be enough for my everyday winter activities? For your outdoor work? For your outdoor sports or activities?

Do I need different style of hats to suit each of my winter and work activities?

e.g. Wool toque for skiing? Aviator or trooper hat with earflaps for ice fishing? Pull on knitted cap for going to work?

How warm do I want the hat to be?

e.g. Sheepskin or Lambs wool inside the hat or just quilted or cotton lining instead.

Do I want the hat to be form-fitting or looser?

e.g. Fitted contoured beanie hat or a looser fitting winter hat.

Does the hat need to be waterproof and windproof?

e.g. Rainy winter versus more cold and snowy winter.

Winter hats for men - Fabrics and materials

Winter hats for men can be made out of both natural and man-made fibers. You can choose natural fibers like wool, suede, leather to synthetic materials that are both waterproof and windproof. The insulation factor will vary based on the type of hat it is. Some hats have different combination of both natural and man-made materials to give both warmth and be waterproof and windproof.

Wool, felt and fleece seem the most durable and can take the wear and tear of winter life. They bear up well when dropped, sat on, get splashed, or end up with salt stains on it. Sheepskin or shearling hats with a fur/faux fur lining are warm too. Wool blends work well too although they will not be that wind-resistant like other materials.

Some caps have a waxed cotton on the outside with a wool lining on the inside. Trooper or trapper hats can also have oil cloth or oilskin on the outside making them resistant to wind and water.

What style is most practical?

The answer is: whatever you want it for which comes back to the type of climate where you live and the hat's purpose.

Above all, winter hats for men have to be practical and functional. After that, the most important question is how warm do you want it to be? A little insulation or a lot of insulation? The more the better in my opinion as you can always take the hat off to cool down.

It's your choice for whatever hat you want or need but I think the warmest and most practical type of hats are:

  • Bomber/aviator/trapper or trooper hats.

This style can come with or without a fur trim. It can also have either a quilted lining or sheepskin inside, the latter being the warmest to have.

The other good thing are the flaps for your ears and the big-fold up brim in front of the hat. You can fold them down to protect your ears and face. Depending on the style, the back of the hat may also extend to protect your neck too. This is ideal for freezing winter climates with very strong winds. The fur or faux fur trim softens and deflects the wind around your face by acting as a barrier.

Caring for your winter hats and caps

To get the most wear out of your winter hats, you'll need to keep them clean and cared for. Some type of hats need more careful cleaning then others where dry cleaning and not washing is the best course of action.

Winter hats for men - Outdoor safety

If you are an outdoor worker, not only is warmth a major factor but also safety. You can get a wide range of reflective winter safety clothing including a variety of hats. The purpose is to make you very visible and stand out to forewarn motorists that you are there. The most common colours used on reflective clothing are green, orange and silver.

There are specialist stores that cater to outdoor workers who require this type of specialist clothing. Some items might be available from regular retail stores as well.

Winter wear tip

A popular way of adding more comfort is to wear whatever hat you want and have the hood of your jacket or coat pulled up and over your hat. This cuts down and blocks the wind. It also traps the air inside your hood so you are warmer. You won't be able to do this with all hats, only those that are close-fitting.

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